After years in the commercial print industry and finding myself well off the creative course that led to that path in the first place, I stepped away from a world of broken promises and unrealistic expectations to pursue the idea that life "my life" could be different. From that time I've explored the art of living purposefully and reconnecting with the "self" that becomes lost as we walk a divergent path.

Bourne workshop's path is to seek differently, create with purpose and inspire other souls to find their bourne!


The gift


I've long believed that life should be navigated with a beginners mind. "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few". This belief became more real than I could imagine as a life event gifted me the suffering of an existential identity crisis. "This "gift" is similar to having amnesia all while knowing your name, where you work and live, as well as who your family and friends are" I often explain. I couldn't connect with the things I enjoyed most my life and struggled with a feeling of being present and lost at the same time but mostly lost. Really this "gift" is so much more than that. It was, in my case, a complete shaking and crumbling of understanding who I am. My work became discovering a path through a "forest of existential understanding". Sometimes the path painfully explores my limits and other times is one to reveal great beauty in understanding! My projects are born in this journey of self discovery. They represent important milestones forged while traveling the path. Milestones that have become the building blocks to affirm, create, and strengthen the foundation upon which my work and my life stands. A foundation affirmed through patient-observation, created with life's lessons, all strengthened by listening deeply. Through listening deeply with a beginner's mind  I began to see possibilities and discard limitations realizing a path that is encouragingly ever forward moving. So now moving in the right direction, what about purpose? 

Purpose is to live your life as a gift, share your gifts.

My name is Rick and my gift to seek differently finds you at this destination.

Welcome to the Bourne workshop

A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
— Antoine de Saint Exupery

Whats in the workshop

milestones of discovery become the art, tools, and products of the Bourne workshop

  • artworks
  • woodworks
  • jewelry 
  • Bourne VELO 
  • idea development and design